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Hi, I’m Zaid,
A talented graphic designer with vast experience in branding, web, UI & UX and editorial design.

I've been into art as long as I can remember. Loved to draw, paint and sketch.. and did it all the time on every imaginable surface, including my own clothes. It felt like an easy choice when I decided to take that path for a career and a way of life.

I went to arts college and studied graphic design, enjoyed it, excelled, and moved to be a professional graphic designer. I led and managed my co-owned design studio PATTERNS Design for several years, before joining the top branding agency Syntax in 2016.





    I believe learning is never ending. I want to explore the everyday new in the design and technology worlds, and welling to take the next adventure with the same enthusiasm I had 10 years ago when I started my career.

    I started my professional career in ZCreations. For a year, I learned a lot about design and advertising, participated in many interesting projects before I moved to PATTERNS. A small company specialized in branding and web design; PATTERNS offered me a lot to grow and develop, and it was a matter of time before the owner of PATTERNS offered me partnership and I was given the opportunity to manage business development and direct the whole design process, giving me the chance to interact with the clients and manage the projects.

    After many great years in PATTERNS, I wanted to dig deeper into Branding. I joined Jordan's number 1 branding agency; Syntax. As a senior designer and project curator, I was involved in the whole branding process from research and creative thinking to design and supervising production. With Syntax I had the chance to work on the biggest of branding projects, from huge companies re-branding and exciting retail startups, to civil society projects and city branding.

    Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design
    2002 - 2006 Al-Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan
    High School
    Al Hussein College - Scientific Stream
    (2016 - present) Senior Design
    PATTERNS Design
    (2012 - 2015) Partner, Design Director
    PATTERNS Design
    (2007 - 2012) Junior - Senior Designer
    (2006 - 2007) Junior Designer
    Illustrator 95%
    Photoshop 85%
    InDesign 90%
    Sketch 80%
    AfterEffects 70%
    Mother tongue
    Excellent reading, writing and speaking


    (+962) 7 96817332

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